The Columbus Dispatch ran an article on Sunday about a family in North Carolina that is attempting to go the entire month of February without spending any money.

The family challenged itself not to put money towards entertainment, hobbies or clothes for four weeks. The family will, of course, pay their mortgage, utilities and other monthly expenses, writer Amy Dunn explains in the article.

She also has made exceptions for weekly trips to the store for milk and fresh produce. The rest of their food must come from the pantry or freezer.

If that sounds too extreme for your crew. Try going an entire weekend without spending any money. Here are some ideas:

• Instead of ordering pizza Friday night, make your own or buy frozen during your weekly shopping trip.

• Have a family movie night after visiting the library, where the rentals are free.

•On Saturday or Sunday, visit a local park, play games or check out some other free local attraction. If you have memberships to the zoo, COSI or other local fun spot, use them.

If the no-spend weekend works for your family, try doing it once a month. The exercise will have a positive impact on the budget -- and might help your family discover some cool local treasures.