The American Academy of Pediatrics is again discouraging parents from giving TV and computer screen time to children under the age of 2. The recommendations follow a recent survey by the organization.?

The Academy issued the following updated guidelines to parentsduring a conference earlier this month.??

*Set media limits for their children before age 2, bearing in mind that the AAP discourages media use for this age group. Have a strategy for managing electronic media if they choose to engage their children with it;

?*Instead of screens, opt for supervised independent play for infants and young children during times that a parent cannot sit down and actively engage in play with the child. For example, have the child play with nesting cups on the floor nearby while a parent prepares dinner;

*Avoid placing a television set in the child's bedroom; and

*Recognize that your own media use can have a negative effect on children.

-Melissa Kossler Dutton