Our prize closet has expanded!

Columbus Parent is now part of DMG Rewards, which is a FREE loyalty program. DMG publications include Columbus alive!, Columbus Parent, ThisWeek Community News, Columbus Monthly and The Columbus Dispatch. All members have access to contests and discount offers, with an option to complete activities to earn points that can be redeemed for additional contest entries and prizes. 

Don’t miss out: Enroll now at www.dispatch.com/rewards


Why do I have to create an account on Dispatch.com to enter a Columbus Parent contest?

DMG Rewards for all publications are housed on this platform with one log-in. It is free to create an account and will keep you from having to enter your personal information multiple times.

Do I have to pay or subscribe to The Columbus Dispatch to get points and enter contests for your magazine?

Nope! There are plenty of activities you can complete on the site to earn points without having a subscription. You can answer trivia questions, complete personality quizzes and enter bonus codes.  Also, there will always be contests that do not require points to enter, so if you don’t want to earn points, you can still enter contests.