Food and Gardening

Taking the Culinary High Road

The next time you go to a restaurant with your kids, you might do a double take after looking at the kids’ menu. That’s because nowadays you are just as likely to find entrée choices like oven-baked French fries and fried shrimp with cocktail sauce sharing the page with burgers, hot dogs and mac-n-cheese. The restaurant industry’s youngest patrons, it turns out, are developing more sophisticated palates.
Food and Gardening

You Are Where You Eat

Susan Porter-Pintz wants her children to know that food originates on a farm — not at a grocery store.
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Where the happening kids happen to be
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Good News, Dad News

Mom’s the Word

I spend a lot of time talking about dads in this column. Because I’m a dad. But May means Mother’s Day, and the moms in my life — particularly my mom, my wife and my mother-in-law — deserve more plaudits than I could ever fit here. In fact, they’re the main reasons I’m able to type these words.
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Pediatric HealthSource

Knee injuries common cause of missed time from sports

While parents never want to see their child stuck on the sidelines, knee injuries are a common cause of missed time from sports in pediatric and adolescent athletes. Knowing how to identify various knee injuries can help athletes get diagnosed, treated and back to playing sooner rather than later. And always consult your child’s pediatrician with any concerns about your child’s health.
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Parenting Perspectives

Kids in the Kitchen: A Recipe for Fun and Learning

With so much focus on making sure kids have "good self-esteem," we parents tend to take every opportunity to tell our kids that they're great. However, two influential researchers have discovered that self-esteem is based on kids feeling a sense of control over their environments.
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Family Finance

Sow Seeds, Reap Savings

My pal Mila has six mouths to feed. She spends $900 on groceries each month. She coupons, shops the sales and cooks at home. She’s doing great — spending less than a typical American family of four for groceries, according to the USDA — but money is tight.
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Family Therapy

Feeling the Way You Should

Each family that I see in my counseling practice is unique, but there are some universal truths. “Should” is one of them. Should, as in, “woulda, coulda, shoulda.”
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