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Tuffy Bean is Missing

No doubt about it — we are in the midst of a reading crisis! Daily headlines remind us of our obsessive anxiety over reading scores and assessments. In all these alarming messages, one word is nowhere to be seen: LOVE! There! I’ve said it!

Notes for a rainy day

My Dad had a favorite saying, “Any day you can talk about is a good day!”
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Arts and entertainment for kids

The Beat's (a.k.a Jim Fischer) picks for September.
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Inspiring news for and about Central Ohio parents!
Vitamin Me

Papaw Love

By night No. 3, I was missing my little guy.

2014 Best of Columbus

Parents know best what’s best about Columbus.
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Family Finance

It Pays Off to Pay Off

The average American family using credit cards is carrying a $15,799 balance, according to the credit-counseling agency Consolidated Credit. The typical Ohioan with student loans graduated with $27,713 in debt. The average new-car loan is $27,000, according to Experian Automotive. The rub: if you're a typical middle-class American with a credit card, a college degree and a car, you're in serious debt, and that isn't even counting the house you live in.
Pediatric HealthSource

Treating appendicitis with antibiotics

For parents wanting to steer clear of surgery, a possible treatment option to discuss with their physician is a regimen of antibiotics that could be a possible alternative to an appendectomy.

Letter from the editor

The August Back-to-School issue is always a monumental undertaking and every year it feels as if we have more story ideas than we have room to publish them. This year was no different, but I also think we struck a really nice balance of interests and information.
Family Finance

Creating a Cushion

Many families have little or no financial cushion — 43 percent of Ohioans have no savings to cover emergencies, and many of those make more than $50,000 a year, according to the Corporation for Enterprise Development.
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