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2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Our annual roundup includes dozens of ideas for the kids, moms, dads, grandparents and teachers on your seasonal shopping list!
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Family Entertainment
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Fall Family Fun
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September Go-To Guide

Since its inception nearly a decade ago, the Independents’ Day Festival has added and changed its offerings, always with a focus on artists and local business.
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Spectator Sports
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Main Library
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Splash Pads and Spraygrounds
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Outdoor playgrounds
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Indoor destinations
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Reciprocal Privileges with Family Memberships.
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January Go-To Guide

Our favorite sledding hills.

2015 Go-To Guide

This handy, tote-able guide to family fun will feature all the info you need to find places to go and things to do in central Ohio.
Hands On
Hands On

Snowman and Trees

Space is described in art as positive and negative space. In a painting or photograph, positive space is the shapes that make up the design. Negative space is everything else.
Hands On

Paper Woven Corn Garland

Celebrate the fall season with a colorful ode to corn! Kids likely will be learning about the staple of maize in early American life during this time of the school year, and family craft projects are a great way to extend lessons at home.
Hands On

Color Wheel

Color is everywhere. But what is color? Color is created by nerves in our eyes being able to sense the length of light reflected on an object.
Hands On

Duct-Tape Pencil Pouch

Start the school year off right with a handmade personalized pencil pouch!
Hands On

Paper Garden Collage

Texture is how something feels when you touch it. Some two-dimensional art has actual texture. This may come from the surface it’s created on, such as canvas or watercolor paper, that has its own texture.
Hands On

Patriotic Ribbon Twirlers

Whether your family is heading out to a parade or just hanging out in the backyard, these hand-crafted ribbon twirlers are bound to make your Fourth of July more festive.
Hands On

Ice Cream Ornaments

Ice cream season is back and if you’re not eating it at the moment, you may as well be crafting it!
Hands On

Yarn-Wrapped Flowers

If those April showers did their work, then this May will be full of flowers!
Hands On

Recycled Rainbow Mobile

Happy Spring!