Last-minute Halloween masks for Mom and Dad

Oh, boy, it's here. The eve of Hallow's Eve.

Your candy bowl is full. The front stoop is decked in goblins and ghosts. Your Backyardigan and Hannah Montana are asleep in their beds.

If pre-Halloween hoopla has you too tired to trick yourself out, treat yourself to an easy DIY mask from one of our favorite Charmingwall artists, Martina Fugazzotto.

The Brooklyn-based illustrator has created two funny-scary masks especially for DailyCandy Kids parents - baby doll zombie for mom and rock star zombie for dad. Just download, cut along dotted lines, attach string - and insta-costume.

It's that easy. We wouldn't want to scare you off.

To see more of Martina Fugazzotto's work, go to Get a free Martina Fugazzotto Godzilla print with every purchase at Enter DCGodzilla at checkout.