If Facebook and Twitter had a baby, they'd name it Wee Web.


Wee Web, the easy-to-use tool that enables parents to update loved ones about their kids, has officially entered into public beta. Wee Web is the fastest and easiest way for busy parents to share their babies' photos, videos, and stories with family members and close friends. The site is not just another social network or online baby book; it is a secure and efficient way for parents to share their kids' lives with the people who care the most.

One of the reasons behind the concept of Wee Web comes from the creator's own experience as a father. "Being a time-crunched new parent, I didn't have time to keep a baby book or a scrapbook of my kids and update our family, even though I had good intentions to do so," said Peter Kamali. "With Wee Web, I can quickly upload a photo and shoot a quick message to my family so they can check it out."

The appeal of Wee Web is in its simplicity; parents are given a dashboard where they can tell a story, send a Twitter-like message in 140 characters or less, upload photos and video. Every time they upload a photo or tell a story, Wee-Web automatically sends it out to their friends and family. The registration process and navigation, too, are so simple that even the least web savvy people (think: grandparents) will find the site easy to use. Family and friends can control how often they are updated, and loved ones from all over the globe can share in the precious moments of the children in their lives

Providing a service that is as unobtrusive as possible to all users is another major strength for Wee Web. As described by co-founder and CEO Matt Meeker, "We advise parents to invite all family and friends upfront and let us take care of keeping them updated. Each family member and friend controls how often they are updated, so they aren't overwhelmed with too much information, but also don't miss the important things. Parents don't have time to worry about whom to share what with, so we handle it. We also save them all those phone calls and emails asking how the baby is doing, and those who want to see the latest photos and videos."

Wee Web provides a valuable service by creating a forum where family members, no matter how far apart they live, can share moments with each other, almost as if they were in the same room. If you are a parent, just register and share your pictures, videos, and stories with selected friends and family. If you don't have children, you can invite the parents you know to set up pages for their kids and share with you at http://www.wee-web.com.