What does a powerful woman look like?

It's all wrapped up in your appearance. Sad you say? No mon ami! See, for men, it's easy: Dark suit, well cut, rep tie, preferably red. Polish their shoes, get their hair trimmed, they win.

For us, my dears, the game is infinitely more complex; just as we ourselves tend to be. The idea of the female "power suit" for example if you can put it on, it can be taken off (silly girl.) Your political power is a given, not your wardrobe. Think Katherine Hepburn in white shirt and trousers now there's a powerful woman! Benazir Bhutto with her glamorous sunglasses; Hilary Clinton with "the traveling pant suit."

The idea, sweetie, is that in the end game, it's not about your shoulder pads, it's about your shoulders. It's not about your hemline, it's about your confident stride.

Much is being made of First Lady Michelle Obama's eclectic wardrobe. We can all learn a lesson from this confident, size 12 woman. Power is inherent in the woman, regardless of her wardrobe. Projecting an air of confidence, power and intelligence is what's important in the political arena, and you can do it regardless of what you choose to wear.

Your personal style in today's world is a statement and one you shouldn't take lightly. Develop a signature style. If it's a conservative business suit, add a signature piece of jewelry. If it's jeans and boots, walk into the room as if you own it. Just keep in mind, your personal power shines through in your eyes, your posture, and your attitude. So go for it powerful women rule!