Are you lost when not watching Lost? Try this cool click.

Those of us Lost fans loooooove us some Sawyer. He's the island's resident bad-boy-we-love-to-love. I know there are a few of you out there who "just don't get it" with the whole Lost thing, and for a long time I didn't either. But trust me, rent the series from the beginning and you'll be hooked.

So. Back to Sawyer. He's an ex-con with the perfect combination of 2-day beard growth and sea-sprayed, sun-bleached, bed-head hair. And he's just so very fun to watch. Next to the above mentioned swoonables, one of his best traits is his ability to create hilarious, deprecating nicknames for his fellow islanders, seemingly out of the clear blue island sky.

Wanna see how it's done? Better yet, wanna know what he'd call YOU? Click this link to find out. Oh, and by the way? You can call me "Deepdish."