My name is Alexis and I'm addicted to my iPod Touch.

Come on, come on touch me, babe!

How much do I love my iPod Touch? I love it (holding arms out wide) thiiiiissssss much! I am not what you would call "technically savvy." I am no good with digital cameras, I can't figure out how to use the call waiting on my cell phone, and I still can't install programs on my computer without supervision. I am also an MP3 player serial killer. I have killed three. So when my husband bought me an iPod Touch for Christmas, I was both elated and scared.

Two months later it still works and I feel like one of those cool silhouetted people in the commercials. It's so easy to use. It's like Apple took this amazingly advanced piece of technology and dummed it down so real people can use it too. I am very busy (I'm sure you are too) and don't have time to struggle with lots of technical jargon or pour over pages of a technical manual for hours at night. So here is how easy it is: Plug in iPod to computer, go to iTunes store, set up an account, press the "buy" key for the song you want and they appear on the iPod.

How do you play them? You touch the song you want. You can also buy "apps" (which is short for application). They can be games (like Tetris), Internet sites (like Facebook), lifestyle aids (recipes). My favorite is an app that allows you to download a library of classic novels into your iPod. Once you buy an app if there are any updates (like more books added) the updates are free. There are about 13 classic novels in my library and I only paid $2.99.

So if you think that technology is passing you by, don't worry. There really are some toys out there we can all enjoy (and actually know how to use).