Great early spring reads.

Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes
By Mem Fox
Charming illustrations depict babies from many different places and show what they have in common. The rhyming text begs to be read aloud in this sweet book that's perfect to read while cuddling up. Ages 0-2.

The Odd Egg
By Emily Gravett
All the birds have an egg to hatch, except for Duck. Then he finds an unusual egg and the other birds make fun of him. When Duck's egg finally hatches, they'd better watch out! Ages 3 to 6.

A Penguin Story
By Antoinette Portis
Edna the penguin knows there must be something more than the black, white and blue that make up her world. When she goes on a quest for her "something else," she ends up finding more than she ever imagined. Ages 4 to 8.

11 Birthdays
By Wendy Mass
Her eleventh birthday is the first Amanda doesn't celebrate with her ex-best friend Leo. She's happy when the day is finally over - until she wakes up and it starts all over again. If Amanda and Leo can't make this day end, it's going to last forever. Ages 9 to 12.

Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out
Collected by the National Children's Book and Literary Alliance
More than one hundred celebrated authors and illustrators contributed to the effort to tell this story of our White House, its residents and its history. Letters, stories, essays, comics, poetry and pictures work together to make history come to life. Ages 9 and up.

What I Saw and How I Lied
By Judy Blundell
When 15-year-old Evie's stepfather returns from World War II, no one knows the dark secrets he carries. Soon Evie is immersed in an adult world of mystery, romance, lies and possible murder. This noir-ish story is a great read and won a National Book Award. Teen.

An excellent resource, this independent website seeks to provide objective and complete information about a movie's content so parents can decide, based on their own values, which films to watch with their children. For each movie there are numerical ratings in three different categories and also a detailed description of what prompted these ratings.

All reviews by Laura Nawojchik, Youth Services Librarian at Whetstone Branch.