Dealing with divorce, fitness, nutrition and more.

Dealing with divorce

A Smart Girl's Guide to Her Parents' Divorce
By Nancy Holyoke
The telling tagline on this book's cover is "How to land on your feet when your world turns upside down." In this American Girl book, topics addressed include everything from the initial split to a parent's remarriage. The book includes quizzes and tips, plus advice from girls who've been there and have wisdom to share. $9.95 on
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Shared Parenting: Raising Your Children Cooperatively After Separation
By Jill Burrett and Michael Green
An estimated one million children in the U.S. are affected by divorce each year. Studies show that the most difficult aspect for most kids is adjusting to the loss of one parent. This book reveals how to accomplish a more balanced approach to parenting after separation and divorce, and also explains the many benefits of an equal parenting partnership. The authors team up to provide suggested weekly routines and tips on how to plan cooperatively, and communicate effectively, while creating a healthy new environment in which kids can thrive. $12.47 on
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Smart Parenting During and After Divorce
By Peter J. Favaro, Ph.D.
Author Peter Favaro uses his more than two decades of experience to help educate divorced and divorcing parents. This book contains helpful information, strategies and resources about visitation, communication, conflict resolution, anger management, scheduling of holidays, decision-making and the effects of divorce on children at different ages. Also addressed are the influence of a parent's social life on children, and how to talk to kids about divorce. $13.22 on
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Ned's New Home
By Kevin Tseng
(Although this isn't a book about divorce, the topic of a new home may resonate with smaller children whose parents are no longer together.)
A rotting apple is no place for a kind-hearted worm like Ned, so off he goes to look for a new home. A pear is too wobbly. A watermelon is too spacious. And that pile of blueberries is all wrong! Kevin Tseng's warm text and vibrant watercolors will have preschoolers searching right along with Ned until he finds the perfect place to call his own. $10.19 on
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Fitness and nutrition

Sesame Street: Furry, Fun and Healthy Too (DVD)
Put your whole body into it with your favorite Sesame pals! Move and groove with personal trainer Grover, visit the dentist with Frazzle Monster, and play Bert's Oatmeal Game. Sesame friends engage preschoolers in interactive fun, while teaching healthy habits such as exercise, brushing teeth, eating healthy foods and getting plenty of rest. $14.93 on
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Fitmom Prenatal Yoga Vibe (DVD)
The Fitmom Yoga Vibe workout is a comprehensive program designed to stabilize the vulnerable joints and ligaments during pregnancy, which helps prepare Mom for labor, delivery and recovery. Celebrity trainer Andrea Page takes you through this energizing program. Other prenatal workouts available. $17.99 on
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Fitmom Postnatal Workout (DVD)
This 30-minute workout can be done with or without your baby and uses a combination of resistance and cardio training to raise your metabolism and help you burn fat. Feel energized and get back into shape with the help of your baby. $17.99 on
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Eating for Pregnancy: The Essential Nutrition Guide and Cookbook for Today's Mothers-to-Be
By Catherine Jones and Rose Ann Hudson
Most pregnant women understands that what they eat and drink affects their developing babies - yet moms-to-be are juggling so much that it's often hard to find the time and energy to make sure they're eating right. Eating for Pregnancy is full of nutrition advice for before, during and after pregnancy, making it easy to fulfill the needs of both mother and baby. Also includes a Nine-Months-Later section about breastfeeding, postpartum depression and weight loss after pregnancy. $11.52 on
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101 Foods That Could Save Your Life
By David Grotto, R.D., L.D.N.
Can what you eat save your life? Expert nutritionist and former spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association David Grotto says yes! His new book presents a comprehensive and user-friendly reference guide to foods from acai to yogurt - the top powerhouse foods that can help battle specific health issues including cancer, heart disease and diabetes from developing in the future, while increasing everyday wellness now. $15 on
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