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The Work at Home Success Bible: A Complete Guide for Moms
By Leslie Truex
Unlike days past, many moms can't stay home and care for their children; they're being forced to work to stay financially stable. And for moms already working, many have had to find secondary sources of income. Truex, a successful work-at-home mom, shows readers exactly how they can have a rewarding career and still be there for their kids. This practical guide teaches moms how to tackle living and working in the same space, telecommuting full- or part-time to a current job, and working flex schedules. Options are offered for starting a home-based business, creating an online business, earning extra income and more. $10.17 on
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Child Care Today: Getting It Right for Everyone
By Penelope Leach
From the popular author of Your Baby & Child, this book takes readers into the sometimes-confusing world of childcare. Who is caring for today's children? How well are they succeeding? What does care cost and who is paying for it? How should parents choose childcare and are they satisfied with what they find? Penelope Leach answers these and other urgent questions with facts and figures gathered from the most current research. $17.13 on
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Baby and child nutrition

Easy Gourmet Baby Food
By Chef Jordan Wagman and Jill Hillhouse
Wagman and Hillhouse believe the best way to give kids a healthy start is through the kitchen, where the amount of salt, sugar and starch can be controlled or omitted. This book offers 150 easy-to-prepare, tasty recipes, conveniently divided into age groups: 6-9 months, 9-12 months, and 12-24 months. Each recipe comes with nutritional information and tips for transforming your baby's meal into a dish for the whole family. $17.12 on
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The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood
By William Sears, M.D., Martha Sears, R.N., James Sears, M.D. and Robert Sears, M.D.
It's hardly a secret that too many American children don't eat right. The frequency and severity of childhood illnesses - from depression to diabetes, and from limited attention spans to cholesterol imbalance - have reached an all-time high. Many of these illnesses are directly linked to the foods kids eat. With fast-food restaurants, junk food in schools, and high-risk sweeteners and trans fats in snacks marketed directly to children, parents need help! The Searses provide help with an eating plan that's already proven effective for countless families. $7.37 on
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The Baby Food Bible
By Eileen Behan
Behan knows the only way to solve our kids' nutritional problems in the long term is to teach them good eating and nutrition habits in the first two years of life. And the best place to teach good nutrition is at home. Complete with a full chapter of recipes, an index of how to prepare and store over 100 foods, and a resources section, this book will help parents feel confident about the food choices they make and the foundation they create for their kids to attain a lifetime of good health. $15 on
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Mealtime & Bedtime Sing & Sign
By Anne Meeker Miller, Ph.D.
Meals and bedtimes are perfect opportunities for meaningful communication with your baby. But many of these times also are fraught with frustration if your child can't yet talk. As signed gestures enable babies to "tell" caregivers what they want and need, mealtimes and bedtimes are great times for babies or toddlers to express themselves. Comes with a music CD. $14.78 on
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