A Super Bowl survey from the Drug-Free Action Alliance.

As you know, the Super Bowl is known for its commercials almost as much as it is for the game itself. Yet the type of products being advertised and the audience viewing those advertisements are of great concern. Results from the Drug-Free Action Alliance Super Bowl Survey 2009 revealed that two of the top three "most memorable" commercials, according to middle and high school students, were beer commercials.

This falls in line with studies that suggest alcohol companies are targeting youth in their advertising. Through research, we know that the more youth are exposed to alcohol in advertising, the more likely they are to consume alcohol underage.

In our quest to further research the impact of advertising on our youth, we are inviting schools (middle and high schools) to participate in the Drug-Free Action Alliance Super Bowl Survey 2010.

Through a simple, three-question, student survey given Monday morning following the Super Bowl, middle and high school students share their thoughts on what advertisements they remember seeing and which commercial takes their top vote. This information is then collected, summarized and shared. Results are seen within several days post Super Bowl Sunday. This valuable, fresh and local information can then be used to educate parents, students, lawmakers, etc about the effects of alcohol advertising on youth.

We strongly encourage parents to watch the Super Bowl with their kids and use the commercials as "teachable moments" to talk with children about alcohol use, and the dangers of underage drinking.

For more information, please contact www.DrugFreeActionAlliance.org.