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School Color Sprinkles
There are brownie points and then there are brownie-with-your-school-color-sprinkles points. Which do you think will do the best job securing your position as the Rah-Rah Mom at your kid's school? Cute As A Button in Powell carries and can custom-create 3.5-ounce jars filled with sprinkles in your school's colors for $3.75 each.

38 W. Olentangy St., Powell, 614-430-9408;

Monkeybar Buddies
These sleak shorts will stop those icky "I see London, I see France" boys cold because there won't be any underpants to see when your little girl goes upside down on the monkeybars.
Hey Diddle Diddle in Westerville stocks a rainbow's worth up to size 10, $17 each.

38 N. State St., Westerville, 614-818-5437;

Puzzler Board
by Umbra

Your dormitory-bound kid can at least pretend to be more organized by mounting one or more of these curvy cork/dry-erase boards on the wall or dorm-room door. The curvy shape enables the boards to be fitted together (hence, the "puzzler" moniker). The Container Store sells them for $8 each.

4222 Easton Loop West, Columbus, 614-337-7400;

For all your fairie dust needs
Bet you didn't know fairie dust can be bottled and sold. Bet you didn't even know it's spelled "fairie" by those who take their fairie-dust needs seriously. Columbus artist River Wolfe creates a wide variety of polymer-art jewelry and gewgaws (look it up, it comes after "fairie" in the dictionary). Filled with iridescent glitter, the bottles go for $15 to $20 at Hayley Gallery in New Albany and at local arts festivals all year.

45 Second St., New Albany, 614-855-4856;

The Enzo Mari fairy tale game
It doesn't sound like it would lure a kid away from the TV, and yet it does: Six cardboard plates with paintings of 45 animals and assorted props. Fit the plates together and then invent your own story to go with what you see. This Italian fairy tale game is wildly popular in Europe; you can get your set for $26 at the Wexner Center Store.

1871 N. High St., Campus, 614-292-1807;

Jugs O'Paint
Have you ever woken up and said, "Where the heck can I score a gallon-size jug of violet tempera paint?" Well, wonder no more! Not only does Star Beacon Products (a wholesale provider of craft and school supplies in Grandview that also sells to the public) carry gallon jugs of Crayola Washable paint ($16), they've also got 16-ounce bottles of Sargent Art glitter paint for $3.50.

1104-1110 W. Goodale Blvd.,
Grandview, 614-294-4657