Our Mom and Kid team take on Dublin's Montgomery Inn.


My son is going through a ribs phase. If he has a say in where we go when we eat out, he'll beg for a place that serves ribs. So, after our last restaurant-review experience (a less-than-stellar dim sum meal), I figured I owed him some barbecue.

Montgomery Inn is a sprawling establishment on the eastern edge of Dublin, just off Rt. 161. Clearly it's built to accommodate crowds, but we went on a Sunday evening (which happens to be my favorite night to eat out, precisely because you aren't going to get crowds). So we were seated and served quickly. Our waitress Kelly was pleasant and didn't hover too much.

The Crostini appetizer ($5.50) was tasty: Their twist (because doesn't it seem as if every restaurant has to put a twist on their crostini?) was a layer of blue cheese under the standard layer of diced tomatoes, parmesan cheese, garlic and herbs. I loved it but I know it wasn't a hit with our son.

I went for the Barbecued Spring Chicken, paying an extra $2 for all white meat (for a total of $18). The two half breasts with wings were impressively moist but kind of bland (even when eaten with the house barbecue sauce that comes on the side).

However, my side dish (and entrees only come with one side) was outstanding - a Baked Sweet Potato with Honey Butter. When I go out for a meal, I always hope to encounter something different, and this veggie fit the bill.

My husband had the Western Barbecue Burger ($10), which he devoured, plus a side "Ribs King" Salad ($3 and a big thumb's up for the craisins in it).

The food is pricey but, to be fair, my son's and my meals yielded enough leftovers for lunch the next day.

The bathrooms were quite ornate, but I wouldn't send children on their own to find them; the restaurant is built like a maze and there's no telling where they'd end up.
-Jane Hawes


When my mom told me I was going to a place that specialized in ribs, I was excited because I can't get enough ribs.

I thought Montgomery Inn was going to be good when I saw it, because it looked like a sports place, a hangout for people before they go to a baseball or football game. There were a bunch of copies of trophies like the World Series trophy, and autographed baseballs and footballs in glass cases.

It was kind of hard to find the bathrooms. I would ask someone working there where they are instead of trying to follow the signs like I did. They were very clean and fancy, but they only had two stalls. It can't hold many people at a time.

The people who work there are very nice, definitely very cheerful.

I ordered first a Dr. Pepper. It was my first time ever having a Dr. Pepper. I've had Pepsi and Diet Pepsi and I don't want to try Mountain Dew. It tasted like a fizzy cherry with a root beer, and it was really good.

My mom ordered Crostini for an appetizer. It looked like a mini-pizza, but I didn't like the blue cheese on it because it was kind of bittersweet.

For dinner, I ordered the Pork Loin Ribs ($25 for a full slab, $20 for a half slab) which are their signature ribs. On the side, I had Saratoga Chips, which are pretty much like french-fry-tasting potato chips and they go really well with the barbecue sauce.

I was expecting the barbecue sauce to be very sweet, but it's actually spicy enough that it goes really well with anything.

I ordered the full slab of ribs, which had about 10 or 11 bones. It's hard to describe how meat tastes, but I loved it. I wanted to finish it there and I could have, but I thought it would be better if I brought the last four home and I had them for lunch another day.

A tip: If you save them, they actually taste really good if you don't heat them up again after being in the fridge.

I would go back and I want to now.

-Colin Hawes