Plush puppets from Clintonville's Wholly Craft.

Somehow it seems like a pair of child-size gloves never makes it through winter with both gloves staying together! If you were left with a lonely single glove at the end of this winter, here's a project to turn it into a fun year-round plush toy!


1 child-size winter glove 1 small empty plastic bowl (the size of a butter container or take-out dipping sauce) colorful yarn or ribbon 10 googly eyes 5 small pom-poms 1 piece of felt, same color as the glove 1 bottle of tacky craft glue a handful of cotton pillow stuffing (available at any major craft-supply retailer or grab some from an old pillow) HOW YOU DO IT
Stuff each finger of the glove with the cotton pillow stuffing. Fit the glove over the small bowl. Add enough stuffing to the bowl and base of the glove to make the fingers stand straight up. Tie a piece of yarn or string into a bow about one inch down from the top of each finger (around where the first knuckle would be). Cut out 10 small ovals from the colored felt - these will be the puppies' ears! Set aside 2 felt ovals, 2 googly eyes, and one pom-pom. Dab a bit of tacky glue to each piece and create a face on one finger of the glove. Repeat for each finger. Tie a big bow around the bowl base near the bottom.
Add your own woof-woof sound effects and enjoy your basket of puppies! Feeling creative? Use other ear shapes and color combinations to create a basket of kittens, teddy bears or baby owls!