Learn to pack like a pro from Capital Style editor, Kristy Eckert.

With spring break on the horizon (and designers' summer look books landing on my desk daily), I've got getaways on the mind.

Every time I think of packing, I recall my first trip to Vegas. I was 16, going for a week, and beyond excited. I carefully and thoughtfully loaded up two giant-sized pieces of luggage, one with clothes and one with shoes.

I'm not sure exactly who I thought I was going to impress, but darn it if I wasn't going to live it up! It was clearly absurd.

The older I got, the more in love with fashion I fell - and the better I got at packing.

Now, it's a breeze. And toting my luggage is far easier. I'm certain you need only 10 things, even for a week.

Here are my tips on packing like a pro:

Five Vacation-Packing Rules
Pack only 10 items Stick with a general color scheme - mix and match! Be comfortable Leave jewelry at home - except for either diamond studs or hoop earrings Limit your makeup The Only 10 Items You Need
Dress Sweater Top or T-shirt Tank Shorts Jeans or capris Bathing suit Sandals Scarf Sunglasses Kristy Eckert is the editor of Capital Style, a bimonthly women's magazine published by The Dispatch Printing Company. To sign up for her weekly e-newsletter, visit Capital-Style.com