Celebrate the last days of summer with a fun outdoor gathering!

Potato printing is a family-craft classic, but this month we put an Almost Autumn twist on it! Take the family apple picking this season and use a couple of your choice picks for a creative stamping project to brighten up lunchtime or create fun goodie bags for an autumnal party.


*two apples cut in half, from the stem to the bottom

*red, green and white washable paints

*sponge brushes and one small paintbrush


*paper towels

*old lids or other wide, shallow containers for the paint

*paper lunch sacks


1. Lay newspaper down around your work area. Any project involving kids and paint is guaranteed to get messy!

2. Press the exposed half of your apples to paper towels to absorb as much moisture as possible.

3. Lay out the flat lunch sacks in your work area.

4. Pour paint into lids. To make light green and pink colors, just mix the white paint in with your red and green paints. (TIP: You can use fabric paints instead if you want to stamp tote bags, t-shirts or other cotton surfaces.)

5. Press the exposed half of your apples in the paint puddle lightly. Use a sponge brush to paint any areas of the apple flesh that are not covered in paint.

6. Press the painted apple halves down on the flat lunch sacks. Use even, moderate pressure to press down and try not to shift the apple.

7. When you lift up a stamped image of the apple is left on your surface! Use a sponge brush to fill in any blank areas of the impression.

8. Use a small paint brush to add stem and leaf details.

9. Experiment with different patterns and colors and stamp away!


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