Fancy Feet

Who said cute shoes were only for the bipedal? Now baby can step (or crawl) out in style with these whimsical Mary Janes by GraciousMay ($39.50 for sizes 6-18 mos.), available at Lottie Da. Handmade with silk and lace accents, hand-stitched embellishments and soft soles, the only thing cuter than these adorable shoes may be the pudgy feet that wear them.

4705 N High St., Clintonville 614-754-1261

Inspired Gifts

Instead of another toy to be tossed aside in favor of the wrapping paper it came in, consider the gift of hope. UNICEF's Inspired Gifts program offers many lifesaving gifts that donors may purchase and dedicate to a child or other loved one. For less than $32, you can purchase eight vials of polio vaccine to protect more than 50 children in developing countries.

Anything But Blah

Blabla dolls ($36), available at Sprout Soup, are expertly-knit, cuddly friends whose origins are as unique as their name is simple. Made by expert hands from Peruvian villages, these fair-trade mini-dolls are crafted from natural fibers.

3286 N High St., Clintonville 614-267-7768

Stack 'Em Up

Here's a toy that apparently can't be outgrown. Rated for ages 1 to 100, Kushies Zolo Beanstax ($43) includes 12 fun-shaped beanbags to explore, stack, topple and toss. Sold at Create, the reusable carrying case includes a list of different ways the toy can be used as children grow.

13 S. High St., Dublin 614-764-7640

Huggy Monkey

Baby Mashaka the Monkey ($26) is red, super soft and downright adorable. Like other Zoobies, he can serve as a lovey or pillow. He also has a blanket that can be stored near his tummy. Baby Mashaka is the perfect size for 0- to 2-year-olds. Hey Diddle Diddle carries a variety of both small and large Zoobies.

38 N. State St., Westerville 614-818-5437


You'll score a touchdown with Football Guys ($30) this holiday season. Your little armchair quarterback can reenact his favorite plays from the big game and you don't have to worry about anything getting broken. Sold at College Traditions, the set includes a field, goal posts, refs, players and a carrying case.

286 W. Lane Ave., Campus 800-628-4678

Gaga Over Dado

Dado Cubes ($27.50) are one of those great open-ended building toys that truly inspire kids' imaginations. Sold at the Wexner Center Store, each set includes 10 cubes that can be interlocked in countless ways.

1871 N. High Street, Campus 614-292-1807

A Five-Ring Ruckus

Get your family warmed up for the Summer Olympics with Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games for Wii ($50, 11/15/11 release date at Best Buy). Players can compete in classic Olympic sports, such as canoeing, uneven bars, and soccer, as well as Dream events, which are a fun combo of real sports and video game fantasy. London Party mode lets players explore city landmarks through a series of mini games.


The Doodle ($40) is a pocket-sized speaker that speaks volumes about creativity. Choose a favorite photo, logo or artwork, and the image will be printed on the front of the Doodle. With a quick one-week turnaround, the Doodle makes a dandy gift and fits any standard headphone jack and runs on 2 AAA batteries.