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From the October 2012 edition
When the facilitators of new mothers’ groups at Riverside Methodist Hospital's Elizabeth Blackwell Center realized that some participants were struggling because their mothers and mothers-in-law were giving them different advice than their pediatricians, they decided to offer a new class.
The class geared toward grandparents offers information about the current best practices for caring for newborns and babies.
It’s a great way to get parents and grandparents on the same page regarding infant care, said instructor Tobey Huntley. It helps grandparents gain a better understanding of what doctors are telling new mothers and fathers.
“So much has changed in the last 20, 30, 40 years,” she said. “It is easier to hear from a neutral party. I don’t have a lifelong history with them.”
The class covers safety issues, changes in feeding and diapering babies, and what grandparents can do to help the new parents without overwhelming them.
Most times grandparents are eager to learn the information because they want to help their children and are excited about caring for a grandchild, Huntley said.
Paula and Darrell Neff signed up for a class at the suggestion of their daughter, Joddi Neff-Massullo of Grandview Heights. Paula Neff realized that much had changed in baby care since her daughter was born.
“I had not changed a diaper or fed a baby for 36 years,” the Columbus woman said.
She was glad she took the class before Magnus Massullo arrived in August.
“(The class) covered a lot of material,” Neff said. “Afterward, I had a better knowledge of how to take care of my new grandbaby.”
Grandparents like the facts-based approach of the class offered by Mount Carmel St. Ann’s, said Nancy Taylor, outpatient perinatal education manager at the hospital.
“Grandparents want to know why,” she said. “We have the research and the studies.”


Class information

(registration is required)
Elizabeth Blackwell Center
$15 per person or $25 per couple

Grandparent Class
Mount Carmel St. Ann’s
$10 per person

Baby Basics*
Wexner Medical Center
$40 per couple

*for parents and grandparents