Frequently Asked Questions

What is Columbus Parent?

Columbus Parent is a free monthly magazine published by the Dispatch Printing Company. It was founded in 1989 as an independently published magazine. The Dispatch Printing Company acquired it in 1991. In its current format, the magazine focuses on providing news, event information and family-oriented activity ideas and reviews for families residing in central Ohio. It has established itself as the “Go-To Guide for Central Ohio Families.”

Where can I find a copy of Columbus Parent?

The magazine has an average circulation of 45,000 issues each month and can be picked up at more than 1,100 locations (mostly elementary schools, libraries, daycare centers, doctors’ and dentists’ offices and some Giant Eagle stores). Each month’s issue comes out just prior to or at the beginning of that month. Distribution begins on a Wednesday and is completed by the end of Thursday. To find a pick-up location nearest to you, please use this zip-code searchable database:

Can Columbus Parent be delivered to my home?

At this time, we do not have a subscription option.

Can I have copies of Columbus Parent delivered each month to my business’s location?

Yes, if you agree to accept at least 15 copies each month. To do so, please send an email to with the following information: business (or school or other organization) name, full street address, contact name, contact phone number, number of copies requested. You may also call our main number at 614-461-8878 and leave your information as a voicemail message.

What happens if I have leftover copies of Columbus Parent at my pick-up location?

Copies are delivered each month by a carrier who is contracted by the Dispatch Printing Company to serve a defined delivery area. That carrier should remove leftover copies and replace them with the new month’s copies. You should not recycle or throw out leftover copies because our carrier is supposed to report pick-up rates at each location. If a location consistently runs out of copies, we may contact you to see if you think we need to provide more copies — or you can contact us at any time to request an increase. If a majority of copies are leftover, however, we may cut the amount delivered.

My school (or business or organization) has an event coming up that I would like to get into Columbus Parent’s Calendar? Is there a charge for this? And how do I get my event in the Calendar?

There is no charge for an event to be featured in our online or print Calendars. Anyone is able to submit an event to our Calendar by using this link. Click on the box that says “+ Add an Event” and follow the directions from there. The information will be reviewed by the staff of SpinGo, a third-party calendar administrator. If the event is deemed suitable for a family-oriented audience, it will be uploaded to the online Calendar for viewing within 1-2 business days.
Not all events submitted and accepted will make their way to the print Calendar. First, the information must be received by the 7th of the preceding month in order to meet our printing deadlines. Second, because we do not have unlimited space to publish all events, we give priority to non-profit organizations’ events and to free events. Third, if you are operating a for-profit business, your listing may be deemed more suitable for advertising and your contact information will be passed along to our advertising sales team. The Calendar is not intended to take the place of paid advertising.

I am an advertiser with the magazine and would like to have a press release about my business published in Columbus Parent.

Prior to its redesign and relaunch in August 2010, Columbus Parent did publish press releases from local businesses. However, the magazine no longer does this. The magazine now operates on a strictly journalistic model: Its editorial and advertising departments operate separately, just as the newspaper does. If you would to make our editorial staff aware of your business, please send the information to Editor Jane Hawes at

I would like to submit an article I wrote to be published in Columbus Parent.

Prior to its redesign and relaunch in August 2010, Columbus Parent did publish some unsolicited articles written by freelance and/or syndicated writers. However, the magazine no longer does this. We now publish only assigned articles written by staff or local freelance writers who are under contract to the magazine. If you would like to be considered for freelance writing work, please send a resume and three writing samples which reflect Columbus Parent’s topics and current writing style to our editorial staff. You can email your materials to editor@columbusparent.comor mail them to: Columbus Parent, 7801 N. Central Drive, Lewis Center, OH 43035.

How can I have my child considered to be used as a model for the magazine?

The magazine selects its own models from community contacts or uses photos obtained during story assignments. However, each year, Columbus Parent sponsors a “Win the Cover” contest that allows families to submit a photo of their child for consideration. The contest begins in September and the winner (selected through a combination of reader votes and professional staff review) is featured on the December cover. The contest is announced on our website ( and Facebook page (Columbus Parent Magazine).

I would like to advertise my business in Columbus Parent or online at Whom should I contact?

Please visit our Advertise with Us page for most up-to-date contact information.

Would Columbus Parent like to sponsor my event?

You may submit your sponsorship request to Doug Dixon, our Advertising Director, at Please note that while we do give consideration to every request, we receive a large number of event sponsorship proposals and unfortunately we cannot participate in every event.

Where can I send my comments, questions or story ideas for the magazine?

You may send material to us at We are very happy to receive feedback about the magazine. Please note that while we do give consideration to every story-idea request, we receive an average of 25-50 story ideas each weekday. Unfortunately we cannot write about them all, nor can we respond to every request.