When we posed the question for Staffer Thoughts this month, we had no idea what was in store. We didn't know "What was the best advice your mother gave you" would open up a flood of memories and provide us with hilarious conversation around the water cooler.

Not only were the responses immediate, but most of them werenít printable. Every one of us had a mom saying we couldn't repeat, so we had to go with option B for the magazine. Here are some teasers: "Don't hug the boys because...", "Always wear clean ...," "Men are fun but ...," and "Don't experiment with ...."

We all have those memories of our moms that remain forever etched in our minds. As one of our staff members' mom said when she told her mother her answer for the magazine, "You mean I raised you for 18 years and THAT'S what you remember?" Who knows why we remember certain things and not others. Perhaps it's our cluttered minds at times wanting to just go back home. I vividly remember my mom dancing around the kitchen listening to Motown while singing into a wooden spoon. I am choosing to forget the fact that she could also turn that spoon into a lethal weapon.

Check out the story about 20 things moms should know, which includes advice from moms around town. Find out if your child has a hearing disorder and what actions you can take if she does. And if you've been curious about c-sections, we've got it covered in this issue. Want to know what the coolest summer toys are? We've got the list.

Also part of this issue is our Columbus Parent Magazine EXPO Guide. Come out to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium on May 3 and 4 and experience all the stuff you need to know from parenting to purchasing items for your family. Meet Allie DiMeco on Saturday and Jack Hanna on Sunday. Get your free passes at any Columbus-area Donatos. It's fun and informative for all from babies and teens, to moms and dads!

We like to think of our magazine as the neighbor you talk to over coffee who has really good advice (kind of like Mom). We hope you think so, too.

Happy Mother's Day!