Schoolâ??s out for summer but schoolâ??s not out forever. Itâ??s important that kids donâ??t completely check-out and suffer from whatâ??s commonly called â??summer lossâ?.

Schools out for summer but schools not out forever. Its important that kids dont completely check-out and suffer from whats commonly called summer loss. This refers to the one to three months of learning most kids lose over the summer – especially in reading and math. Every public library offers a summer reading program with games and prizes and your child probably came home with a summer reading list. But keeping them engaged with math can be a bit trickier.

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Math is Everywhere: Show kids how math is a part of your daily routine.From deciding the best buy at the supermarket to figuring out how much youll spend on gas for your summer trip, or how many video games theyll be able to buy with their allowance or money from their summer job; math is an essential part of your familys life.

Math is Fun (really!): When the mercury is rising, chill out at your local library, community center or book store and look for activity books, puzzles, and games that encourage kids to use math skills while theyre having fun and staying cool. Some games to check out are: PayDay, Monopoly and Backgammon.

Math is Online: Your kids will probably spend a good portion of their summer vacation hanging out online. Here are some cool sites that help them brush up on their math skills while having fun at the same time., and where kids can connect to an expert math tutor 24/7.