Add a special touch to your holiday cards this year by creating them together as a family.

Add a special touch to your holiday cards this year by creating them together as a family. Using simple shapes to represent each member of the family, the cards you send will be both personal and seasonal. And they'll put everyone in the holiday spirit!

12-inch ruler pencil white, red, blue and green cardstock straight scissors decorative-edge scissors craft glue glue stick pile of scrap craft materials: fabric, trims, felt, glitter, paper, etc. HOW YOU DO IT:

Using a pencil and ruler, draw a rectangle measuring 10.25 inches long by 7 inches wide on a piece of green or red cardstock. Cut out this rectangle and fold it in half lengthwise. This will serve as the base of the card. Repeat this step for as many cards as you want to make. Use decorative scissors to cut out a smaller rectangle out of white cardstock. You can also just cut strips of white cardstock to lay in a frame shape on top of your base card. These white shapes will represent a wintry snow! Using a ruler again, draw a triangle on the green cardstock that is 1.5 inches long on each side. Each triangle you cut out is a pine tree that will represent a member of your family. Feel free to make larger or smaller triangles based on the size of your family member - just make sure they are the same length on each side! Cut these multiple triangles out of green colored paper, fabric and felt. To really personalize them, have each family member cut their own triangles out of their favorite materials. Then sort them into piles of the "mom" triangles, the big brother/sister triangles, the little brother/sister triangles, etc. Arrange the triangles/pine trees on the card as if they were in a forest. Glue paper pieces down with a glue stick. Glue fabric or felt down with a craft or fabric glue. (Tip: If you're gluing fabric to paper, only a small amount of glue is necessary! Just make sure to apply it right around the edges.) Use bits and pieces from your scrap materials to decorate your pine tree forest!