Our mom-and-son team checks out the Sumburger Drive-In in Chillicothe.

THE MOM SAYS This place probably hasn't changed much since it opened in 1953 and that's just fine, other than the fact that the bathrooms are inaccessible to anyone in a wheelchair (they're up three steps and very small). But, as a whole, Sumburger is an interesting throwback to the old car-hop dining establishment. I wouldn't recommend it as a destination on its own, but if you combine it with an outing to see "Tecumseh" performed nearby or to visit any of the other destinations we have outlined in our Neighborhood Spotlight this month, you'll be bound to please the kids in the car. Unfortunately we didn't get to partake of the "dining al auto" experience, but eating inside was also pretty fun since you place the order on a phone (wired straight to the kitchen) at your table. That makes for minimal interaction with the wait staff, who were a little on the surly side anyway, so maybe we should just count our blessings. All that said, the food was good, maybe even a notch above its greasy-spoon-diner cousins. I had the Double Sumburger platter ($7.95 with bacon added for $0.95). Loved the "secret" sauce (seems to be a mixture of mayo and relish), loved the real bacon. The crinkle-cut fries were crispy but the cole slaw worried me a bit with its "fizziness" (no ill effects on the drive home, so I'm guessing the fizzy quality was intentional). I also partook of a milk shake ($3.75 for the regular size) because the roster of available flavors was intriguing. Among the more unusual were butterscotch, peach and Kool-Aid flavor. They even offer a malts option. I went with the raspberry. It was tasty but let's just say I don't think any real raspberries were harmed in the making of that milk shake. Like I said, not a destination unto itself, but if Chillicothe is your destination, it's well worth a visit for a filling meal and a taste of Ye Olde Happy Days. --Jane Hawes THE KID SAYS I was interested because this restaurant had a drive-in where you could park and have the food delivered to you out in the parking lot. Unfortunately we didn't see anyone in the cars when we got there, so we assumed you couldn't because it was winter. But then we found out at the end of our meal that we could have ordered it out in our car. So we ate in the restaurant and I thought the inside was cool, too, because there was a phone at our table. You pick it up and you can call and order. Unfortunately only grown-ups could use the phone. I disagree with that policy. I ordered a root beer in a frosted mug ($1.99). It was bigger than large and pretty much like not completely icy or slushy, but a liquid. I got a foot-long hot dog to eat with fries on the side ($4.95). It was great. The hot dog was beefy. The service was pretty good, except they weren't very talkative. The bathroom was pretty good.It was clean, it wasn't huge but it was good. --Colin Hawes Photos by Alysia Burton