And with our October list, we come to Reasons 181 to 200!

200 REASONS WHY COLUMBUS IS A GREAT PLACE TO RAISE A FAMILY And with our October list, we come to Reasons 181 to 200! 181. Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Marathon: Widely considered one of the fastest courses in the country for moms and dads trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon, and now they're celebrating kid champions over medical challenges at each mile point. 182. The Santa Maria: Not only is it living history, but the staff will teach your kids how to swab the deck and talk like a pirate! 183. Circleville Pumpkin Show: Pumpkins that weigh more than 1,000 pounds. 'Nuff said. 184. Riverside Methodist Hospital: Admit it - your out-of-town friends were impressed when you told them the "One Born Every Minute" TV show was shot in your city. 185. The Columbus Italian Festival: One of the great heritage festivals in this town. 186. Walk Now for Autism Speaks: Did you know little old Columbus dwarfs bigger cities across this country when it comes to money raised and number of participants in this great annual fundraiser? 187. Being the state capital in a swing state during a presidential-election year makes civics come alive (now if we could just figure out a way to make the robo-calls stop). 188. The Equine Affaire: It's North America's biggest equestrian gathering and it's held each spring in Columbus at the Ohio Expo Center. 189. Train sets: Whether it's at the Columbus Metropolitan Library's Main Branch or the Franklin Park Conservatory, model-train villages are so cool to see. 190. LEGO enthusiasts: Along the same lines of thinking, how great is it to live in an area with a LEGO store and so many grown-ups making gigantic displays for kids of all ages to enjoy? 191. Glass Art: From Dale Chihuly exhibits to glass-blowing studios at The Works and Franklin Park Conservatory, plus many more studios, we are a hot (glass) bed of this beautiful art form. 192. State Auto's Nativity Corner: This beautiful holiday display never fails to put a smile on your face when you drive by. 193. First Night Columbus: New Year's Eve fun for everyone! 194. Columbus International Festival: Held every November, it's a great way to celebrate more than 70 of the cultures that fill our city. 195. Sperling's Best Places and Pepto Bismol study ranks Columbus the 3rd best place to celebrate Thanksgiving: We're not sure we want to know why Pepto Bismol is involved, but we'll gladly accept the honor. 196. The ZOOM family film series at the Wexner Center for the Arts: Helping turn kids into connoisseurs of fine film art since 2004. 197. Turkey Trots: Many families start their Thanksgiving day running, jogging and walking their way to free pies and turkeys at these different trot events. 198. BalletMet's The Nutcracker: It isn't the holiday season until you've heard the tinkle of Sugar Plum Fairy music and our ballet company's version is one of the best. 199. The Columbus Zoo Wildlights: Because nothing is more enjoyable for a parent than the first time they take their child to the Wildlights and watch them react to this extraordinary sight! 200. We live in a city with 200 years of history! Let's hope the next 200 are just as fun and nurturing for our families! COLUMBUS PARENT'S WIN THE COVER CONTEST! Now we're on to Phase Two. Last month you submitted photo entries for your children and our staff has selected 20 finalists. From Oct. 1 through 22, you'll be able to vote for your favorites. The top five vote-getters will be announced on Oct. 24. The winner will be selected by Columbus Parent's professional staff and photographed to appear on our December cover. To vote, visit