Listen for the fall breeze as it activates your family's handmade wind chime!

Listen for the fall breeze as it activates your family's handmade wind chime! This project brings families outdoors, and kids of all ages can participate in the process of creating a wind chime for the household.


4 sheets of stiffened felt in fall colors (available at any major craft retailer) Embroidery hoop Acrylic paints in fall colors Paintbrush Collection of fall leaves in different shapes Hole punch Marker Scissors 4 to 12 old keys Twine


Go on a family walk outside and collect fall leaves of different shapes. At least three different shapes would be ideal, but you can collect as many different leaves as you want on your wind chime. Back inside, use a marker to trace the leaves you picked up onto stiffened felt. Trace anywhere from 10 to 15 leaves and be sure to leave a stem on each leaf that is at least one-half-inch wide. Use scissors to cut out leaf shapes. Use a hole punch to create a hole at the bottom of the stem of each leaf. Use acrylic paints and a paintbrush to paint the embroidery hoop and keys in autumn colors like red, brown, orange and yellow. Let dry. Tie one end of twine to the hole in each leaf or key and the other end around the embroidery hoop. Vary the length of the twine, so there are multiple levels of keys and leaves. Cut a piece of twine about 18 inches long. Tie each end to opposite sides of the embroidery hoop. Use this piece to hang the wind chime outside. Listen for the sound of your creation!

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