Jeremy Brenning is a local man who just started a new business: All Country Mobile Tire.

Brenning’s business is on-site tire sales and installation, and with his equipment in a trailer, he can come directly to the customer. He can do mounting, balancing and everything else a tire shop can do without the constraint of a brick and mortar building.

He is certified through the TIA, the Tire Industry Association, as an automotive tire service instructor. TIA serves a vital role in representing all aspects of the tire industry at both the state and federal levels of government. He went to North Carolina and took classes at the NASCAR training institute with TIA to be more professional.

Before starting his own business, Brenning used to have an executive position in a $17 billion transportation logistics industry traveling around the world. He said he grew tired of it and began to miss his family and two young sons. So he gave up the suit and tie for dirty hands and hard work.

"It’s very hard to start your own business," Brenning said. "I took a chance. I took out some retirement money and sunk it into this business. I didn’t want to owe anyone for doing this, I wanted to do it all on my own and had the ability to do that."

All Country Mobile Tire became an LLC in November and the process of outfitting the trailer began. There were a lot of bugs to work out at first, like the electrical system inside the trailer catching fire and a lot of other things and challenges to overcome.

"Let’s face it: those machines I have in there aren’t meant to go inside a trailer or van; but if you spend the time and research and do the right things, you can put that in vehicles," he said.

He is working with a company to eventually get a sprinter van (think a FedEx van) to be a little smaller and more mobile than a truck and trailer.

Convenience and ease are commodities today. People really would not even have to leave their house if they did not want to. Brenning wants his business to be competitively priced and convenient for everyone in Ashland, Wayne and Medina counties, and eventually across the country.

"I did a job this morning for a single mom with three kids and she said ‘This is so crazy, I’m finishing breakfast and you’re taking care of my tires, and you’re less expensive than the guy that saw to get them looked at’," he said recently. "I want to be that way because I’m a new business and I want people to say ‘wow this guy’s prices are really good and he comes to me?’"

For families with many kids or single parents, getting tires is often an inconvenience, either sitting and waiting for hours or dropping the car off all together for half a day, said Brenning, who added that his business can do everything a tire shop can do at a fraction of the time and cost, plus travel directly to the customer.

"[The other day] I did a tire job in the parking lot of Jimmy John’s in Wooster. The person was there meeting a friend for dinner and he said ‘Can you do my tires here?’ and I said ‘Sure.’ How much more convenient can you get?" Brenning said.

He also partners with some local fleets and businesses to help them with their tire needs.

"I actually work with some people that have fleets as well," Brenning said. "If you’re paying people to cut trees or other work out there on the side of the road, when their tires are bad, what are they going to do? The worker takes the tire to the shop and they sit there for half a day. I can come out on site and take care of that."

Brenning said he has always had an entrepreneurial spirit.

"I’ve always wanted to work for myself and do my own thing," he said. "Don’t know why I waited until I was 39 to do this, but I am happy I’m able to spend time with my family and I love it."