Baughman Township — Joshua and Brenda Hinkle to Jacob M. and Emily S. Tighe, 501 E. Paradise St., $125,000.

Canaan Township — Timothy A. and Barbara A. Steele to Jordan Q. and Claire E. Haas, 109 Carol Drive, $233,500.

Carol M. McAtee to Matthew P. Palmer, 640 Steiner Road, $168,000.

Kenneth W. and Carol A. Brown, trustees to Benjamin M. and Dayna H. Mitchell, 214 Main St., $111,000.

Chester Township — John S. and Madalyn Bauer, trustees to Christopher L. and Sherri A. Shafer, co-trustees, 7797 Congress Road, $636,000.

Diane D. Kortan to Connie L. Middaugh, 3096 Bates Road, $170,000.

ABC Enterprises Inc. to Joshua J. and Lyndin Sabin, 11117 Lattasburg Road, $107,000.

Chippewa Township — Weaver Custom Homes Inc. to Robert B. Jr. and Kathleen A. Beach, 136 Hidden Pond Drive, $260,000.

Weaver Custom Homes Inc. to Penny L. Langguth, 112 Hidden Pond Drive, $243,000.

Timothy T. and Katie L. Krieger to John C. and Jennifer G. Bittner, 313 Maple St., $240,000.

Lawrence P. and Jean M. Janchar, trustees to Jonathan B. Jones, $205,650.

Galeheights Development Co. Inc. to Robert and Michelle Joyce, Juniper Path, $48,000.

Steve S. Durbin to Kimberly J. Samic, 175 Ridge Top Circle, $152,000.

John C. and Kathleen M. Patton to Michael T. and Linda J. Catalano, 13085 Hametown Road, $147,900.

East Union Township — Spenser L. Wallace to Leroy A. Troyer and Atlee M. Troyer, 5870 Ely Road, $340,000.

Joe B. and Mary J. Yoder to Joseph E. and Susan D. Zook, 11768 Berg Road Rear, $300,000.

Richard L. and Alicia R. Wallace to Nelson A. Troyer and Atlee M. Troyer, 5876 Ely Road, $75,000.

Franklin Township — Fred C. and Marilyn E. Finney to J&P Land Holdings Llc., 1550 W. Moreland Road, $270,375.

Joseph S. and Mary J. Hostetler to Michael M. and Brenda K. Weaver, $13,000.

Joseph S. and Mary J. Hostetler to Levi P. and Roseanna A. Miller, $13,000.

Joseph S. and Mary J. Hostetler to Ian A. and Elizabeth C. Hostetler, $13,000.

Milton Township — Dennis J. and Lois M. Zimmerly to Zachary D. and Danielle C. Weinman, $51,000.

Matthew P. Palmer to Carly D. O’Neal and Logan S. Studer, 10820 Blough Road, $149,000.

Orrville — Ted A. and Julianne Wertz to Dolly J. and James L. Sims II and Tammy L. Sims, 222 N. Sunset Drive, $145,000.

Rodney A. and Jill M. Dilyard to Katie M. Lehman, 1730 Lynn Drive, $132,000.

Paint Township — Norman M. Shetler and Carol Savechenko to Ivan S., Erma A. and Marty I. Mast, $265,000.

Plain Township — Levi L. and Lydiann Hershberger to Mahlon J. and Lydiann Hershberger, 863 Jefferson Road, $262,500.

Troy M. and Chelsea A. Petush to Jeffrey C. Wieland, 1560 S. Funk Road, $144,000.

Rittman — Joann Forrer to Jamie L. Howell, 100 Rittman Ave., $174,000.

Gerry A. Apoian to Jeffrey L. Steese, 90 Chippewa Trail, $163,000.

Edward G. and Mina L. Nichols to Bill Adkins and Mary Daigle, 38 Sheldon St., $132,000.

Charles J. Wright and Cassandra G. Corban to Garrett T. McInnes, 152 Second St., $109,300.

Salt Creek Township — Roger Swartzentruber to Javin M. and Emily P. Choj, 10255 Deer Run Drive, $220,000.

Sugar Creek Township — Aaron H. and Cevilla E. Hershberger to Henry J. and Amanda E. Hershberger, 767 S. Wenger Road, $195,000.

Fred H. Jr. and Christie M. Martin to Christopher J. and Melanie S. Allum, South Mill St., $31,000.

Edna Weaver to Marvin A. and Ruth H. Keim, 4262 Kidron Road, $136,577.

Wayne Township — W. Stephen and Barbara A. Lee, trustees to Kyle D. and Sara E. Martin, 3473 Tamarack Lane, $325,000.

Wooster — Farmers Trust Company, trustee to Michael W. and Sonia M. Tersigne, 1479 Ruth Circle, $305,000.

Jenette A. Murphy to Kyle G. and Jenna Pagel, 1571 Christmas Run Blvd., $260,000.

Winepress Holdings Ltd. to First Knox National Bank A Division of the Park National Bank, 2695 Cleveland Road, $250,000.

Weaver Custom Homes Inc. to Jeff M. and Brenda J. Drouhard, 2618 Wetherington Lane, $235,900.

Robert P. and Susan L. Wilbur to Julianne and Ted A. Wertz, 2452 Barrington Way, $202,000.

Mose E. Troyer to Scott Huff, 2894 Melrose Drive, $160,000.

Betty M. Gant to Adam T. and Jody R. Rives, 1106 E University St., $103,000.

Esther Sandore to Robert L. and Cynthia McCory, 675 Sherwood Drive, $100,000.

William I. and Barbara S. Buchwalter to J. Venus Renovation, 4392 Wilson Road, $96,000.

Matthew A. and Joan W. McCready, trustees to Tommy E. and Teri M.Kain, 640 E. Bowman St., $65,000.

Marilyn E. Buren to Lori A. Kowatch, 1120 Hedgecliff Drive, $143,000.

Michael W. Tersigne to Sheldon D. and Kelley R. Schlabach, 4503 Hunters Chase Lane, $140,000.

Wooster Township — JRD Enterprises Llc. to Megan Hackett, 1230 Scenic Heights Drive, $237,500.

Fredrick and Karen Shriner to Arnold and Sandra L. Kaufman, 1318 Old Columbus Road, $170,000.

Amy L. Ebert to Tyler D. Wirth and McKaylee Schmid, 1940 E. Lincoln Way, $125,000.

Margaret Hawkins to Nathan M. Ahrens, 1433 Jones Ave., $125,000.


Baltic Village — Candy L. Yoder to Allen L. and Lucinda M. Miller, 303 Buena Vista St., $240,000.

Berlin Township — Alvin I. and Betty Yoder to Jeremy J. and Joanna A. Miller, 4429 Township Road 370, $300,000.

Berlin Woods Products to Star Investment Holdings, 5039 County Road 120, $895,926.

Randy J. and Cathy Lynn Raber to Sarah M. and Mary P. Hochstetler, 5464 S. Market St., $170,000.

Sandra K. Troyer to Paul H. and Ada W. Yoder, 4805 Township Road 366, Unit 243, $163,000.

East Holmes Development LTD., to Dallas L. and Barbara Rychener, 5200 Warbler Drive, Lot 68, $56,900.

Clark Township — Dan A. and Ada Raber to Marty D. and Catherine D. Yoder, 1.02 acres of R4, T9, S25, $7,000.

Andrew A. and Susie A. Yoder to Marion A. and Viola H. Yoder, 17.66 acres, R11, T14, S1, $225,000.

Hardy Township — Joseph R. and Betty M. Raber to Neil Troyer, 6.0 acres, H-36, $78,000.

Holmesville Village — Larry and Rita Keim to David S. and Cheryl J. Steiner, 142 Third St., $59,300.

Javin M. and Emily P. Choj to Lavern R. and Miriam J. Yoder, 314 Market St., $130,000.

Killbuck Township — R. Miller Land Development to Roy J. and Susie D. Yoder, 84 acres, Township Road 73, $621,000.

Knox Township — Kurt R. and Clara E. Knebusch to Devon L. and Susan W. Stutzman, 6230 Township Road 501, $295,000.

Mechanic Township — Lori A. Kowatch to Terry D. Lahm and Diana L. Gorgas, 7672 Lachen Drive, $240,000.

Mark D. and Tammy Blauch to Lyubomir Lotut Jr., Flawil Drive, Lot 1116, $3,500.

Jeremy S. and Kelly M. Weiss to Jeff Stiles, 2292 West Buckhorn Drive, Lot 774, $272,000.

Allen V. and Pamela J. Troyer to Conrad L. and Erika J. Yoder, 2.0 acres, Township Road 102, $20,000.

Conrad L. and Erika J. Yoder to Allen V. and Pamela J. Troyer, 1.26 acres, Township Road 102, $20,000.

Crist A. and Anna Erb to Abe N. and Katie Troyer, 7060 Township Road 131, $335,000.

Dukhorn Properties to Darryl L. and Laurie Kuezer, Lake Buckhorn Lots 753-754, $22,500.

Christopher F. and Karen M. Oehl to Douglas V. Straits, 8150 Township Road 104, $$198,000.

Millersburg Village — Leanna R. Steiner to Cory A. and Heather M. Vance, 75 Spring Drive, $143,000.

Joshua H. and Henry W. Troyer to Kelly Timney, 248 S. Alexander, $94,000.

Monroe Township — Tara Buckland, trustee, to The Lynn Group LLC, 4174 Township Road 36, $375,000.

Paint Township — Andrew P. and Katie L. Miller to Matthew A. and Mary A. Miller, 1.63 acres of P-31, $15,000.

Joe Lambright and Marie Mast to Michael and Linda Byler, 3128 County Road 200, $270,000.

Joe Lambright and Marie Mast to John A. and Arie Kauffman, 2.20 acres, Township Road 657, $83,638.

Sarah Mast to Melvin J. and Laura I. Yoder, 3096 County Road 200, $295,000.

Prairie Township — Marvin R. and Marie Lemon to PAML LLC, 5.0 acres, Township Road 245, $50,850.

Mose A. Yoder to Robert and Naomi Hershberger, 7466 County Road 189, $230,000.

Joshua D. and Marlene K. Miller to Tyler K. Orr, 9729 Township Road 560, $130,000.

Vernon and Miriam Miller to Matthew V. and Lizzie A. Miller, 9570 County Road 329, $170,000.

Richland Township — Clayton E. and Nina M. Wyatt to Andrew D. and Edna A. Weaver, 20 acres, state Route 520, $121,500.

Ripley Township — Roy A. and Ruth A. Schlabach to Henry H. and Viola Miller, 21.29 acres, Township Road 528, $500,000.

Chester H. and Katie D. Yoder to Richard L. and Alicia L. Wallace, and Spenser L. and Courtney R. Wallace, 12353 County Road 330, $775,000.

Margarrette V. Hanna to Melvin E. and Clara E. Miller, 9019 County Road 318, $15,000.

Saltcreek Township — Aden A. Stutzman, trustee, to Anthony J. and Sharon A. Miller, 2.0 acres of Township Road 605, $106,000.

Aden A. Stutzman, trustee, to Lisa K. Cobb, trustee, 2.69 acres of Township Road 605, $201,675.

Aden A. Stutzman, trustee, to Kokosing Land Co., LLC., 2.50 acres, County Road 201, $142,500.

Emanuel A. and Barbara Miller to Hochstetler Wood, 6745 County Road 77, $25,000.

David A. and Miriam R. Troyer to Paul D. and Malinda A. Troyer, 5.88 acres of Township Road 610, $99,943.

Steve Mullet, trustee to Nathaniel P. and Ruby G. Yoder, 5.00 acres, County Road 160, $335,000.

Alvin and Edna Yoder to Raber and Raber LLC, 4581 Jackson St., $225,000.

Walnut Creek Township — TOV Environs to Century Components, 4.31 acres, state Route 39, $206,832.

Moses A. Weaver to Lavern M. Yoder, 2375 Township Road 415, $308,000.

Roy A. and Katie Troyer to Lamar W. and Emily S. Miller, 4278 Township Road 420, $420,000.

David and Lydia A. Raber to Mark and Katie Yoder, 1.0 acre, Township Road 406, $20,000.

David and Lydia A. Raber to Cephas D. and Amy S. Miller, 3396 Township Road 406, $420,000.

Washington Township — Alan L. and Lois M. Miller to Andrew L. and Melinda L. Butts, 16.34 acres, Township Road 455, $86,500.

Vincent P. Smith to Dakota A. and Gabrielle Wells, 7121 Township Road 466, $74,500.

Catherine A. Dowd to Brenda A. Roudebush, Lot 12, Township Road 1060, $2,000.

Donald R. and E. Kathryn Mackey to Statewide Property Holdings, 13995 State Route 226, $25,000.

Catherine A. Dowd to Brenda Roudebush, 8550 Township Road 1060, $15,000.