City of Ashland

419 Sloan Ave., Ashland; Estate of Virginia B. Boreman to Arlie Lantz; $121,000.

242 E. Walnut St., Ashland; Jessica L. Weaver to Joshua M. Welborn; $112,000.

343 Sandusky St. and 209 E. Washington St., Ashland; Kevin Smith and Karen Smith to SKOR Properties, LLC; $160,000.

853 Fautless Drive, Ashland; Ohio RSA to American Towers, LLC; 2.411 acres; $176,923.83.

1626 Center Lane Drive, Ashland; Melinda L. Rettig (trustee) to William H. Leininger and Cynthia K Leininger; $210,000.

917 Valley Drive, Ashland; RCPP Ventures, LLC to Raymel L. Early and Rachel E. Early; $151,400.

54 Vernon Ave., Ashland; John C. Ellenwood and Abbi L. Ellenwood to Kyle T. Gordon and Emily A. Gordon; $185,000.

914 Chestnut St., Ashland; Tyler F. Jarvis and Jamie R. Jarvis to Kasco Development; $92,500.

687 Hale Ave., Ashland; Estate of Philip Fair to Michelle L. Swaisgood ; $110,000.

Green Township

967 Township Road 2506, Perrysville; Alpha E. Eggerton and Debora Eggerton to John D. Mott; $138,000.

940 Township Road 2506, Perrysville; Phillip Porter to Jeffery Pryor; 18.782 acres; $110,000.

131 W. 1st St., Perrysville; Stauffer Land Holdings, Ltd to Shelley L. Sulser and Gregory J. Sulser; $85,000.

Hanover Township

2971 County Road 1027, Perrysville; Joseph Taylor to Steven Stepp and Kimberly Cottos; 0.145 acres; $5,500.

Lot 1079 S. Mount Vernon Ave., Loudonville; Thomas F. Thompson (trustee) to Jeffery T. Strouse and Patricia J. Stouse; 1.5 acres; $23,500.

Vacant lot on Pine Hill, Perrysville; Barbara Burger to Colter William Hoar; $4,100

Jackson Township

23.278 acres Township Road 133, West Salem; Enos J. Hershberger and Rebecca E. Hershberger to Eli Swartzentruber and Anna E. Swartzentruber; 23.278 acres; $73,000.

Mifflin Township

1153 County Road 30A, Ashland; Maxine E. Stafford to Eric C. Oswald and Karen S. Oswalt; $107,250.

Milton Township

1273 County Road 1356, Ashland; William H. Leininger and Cynthia K. Leininger to Alice J. Themes; $120,000.

1382 Ohio 96, Ashland; Obed Stutzman and Katie Stutzman to Floyd R. Yoder and Verba J. Yoder; 60.543 acres; $350,000.

1357 County Road 1356, Ashland; Robert D. Augusta to Sharon D. Cassel; $55,185.

Montgomery Township

774 County Road 1775, Ashland; Rick W. Heffelfinger and Terri L. Heffelfinger to Nikolas C. Kaufman and Lorraine K. Kaufman; 3.236 acres; $310,000.

583 US 42, Ashland; Betty S. Funk to Bruce Samples; $149,900.

Mohican Township

355 County Road 1975, Jeromesville; Brice Wiltrout to Matthew J. Fallon; 0.928 acres; $127,500.

947 County Road 30A, Jeromesville; Paul A. Lifer and Judith Ann Lifer to Brice Wiltrout and Sarah Wiltrout; 1.876 acres; $275,000.

Ruggles Township

69 Ohio 60, New London; Winston A. White and Glenna V. White to Stephanie D. Schmidt and Derek E. Schmidt; 2.9538 acres; $149,500.

1567 Township Road 126, Greenwich; James Kowalik and Virginia E. Kowalik to Leon S. Reiff; 16.259 acres; $155,900.

Perry Township

1658 Township Road 65, Jeromesville; Steven J. Nolleti and Laura R. Nolletti to James R. Stansfield and Tiffany M. Stansfield; $130,000.


130 and 132 E. Bridge St., Perrysville; George H. Browne (by Sheriff E. Wayne Risner) to Anna M. Baker; $14,000.