One of my favorite places to visit, especially in the middle of winter, when all seems bleak and gray, is Penzeys Spices. This oddly-shaped little shop (I think it used to be a drive-through bank branch) is any home cookís dream but itís also aromatherapy heaven AND it has a coloring station for kids! Iíve even taken a highly energetic little boy there many times and Iíll tell you ó thereís something about the smells in that place that just calm everyone down and bring out the happy. Youíll be able to peruse the umpteen different types of cinnamon, dried chili peppers and sea salt in peace while your little artist does some artwork.

The store is located at 4455 Kenny Rd. (just south of Henderson on the west side of the street) and itís open every day except Sunday. For more information about the Wisconsin-based Penzeys brand, you can visit their website at