You won't want to miss this one-man show! Anthony Zerbe, an Emmy-award winning actor whose credits include roles in "Mission Impossible" and "The Matrix," is making his way to the Chappelear Drama Center at Ohio Wesleyan University.

Entitled "It's All Done with Mirrors," Zerbe will dazzle the audience with his interpretation of various e.e. cummings poems (that's not a typo, by the way - e.e. liked to lowercase his name). The show is a great way to introduce youngsters to the art of poetry, as the show is targeted to people of all ages.

The performance takes place at 8 p.m. on Feb. 10. Tickets are $20, and $5 for senior citizens or non-OWU students. For more information on OWU's Performing Arts Series, visit

-Heather Weekley