From the time we get our first piggy bank we're taught to count our pennies.

The lesson that is missed, however, is how much those pennies count. By the time we get to college and get our first credit card, the idea of saving money is often lost; what little money we have left we spend on interest and late fees.

Learning about money and developing smart money habits can begin all the way back when we hand our children that first piggy bank. Farmers Citizens Bank has found a way to make the lesson fun, and more importantly, make it stick.

The Central Ohio bank whets children's appetites on dry topics like credit cards, taxes, charitable giving, and smart spending by turning it all into a game. Money Island is designed for kids 8-to-14 and features interactive games and activities.

No fancy GPS required to navigate this island...a computer mouse leads the way.Money Island can be played solo, as a group, or even in the classroom.

Parents and teachers can also find lesson plans on the site.You don't have to have an account at Farmers Citizens Bank to take advantage of the free site.To learn more check out

-Kristen Maetzold