This one was just different enough that when the email came through, we thought you'd want to hear about this, too.A group called Pie Addicts Anonymous meets from 1-3 p.m. on the third Saturday of each month at the Appalachian Granny's American Bakery (also home to the ACME Hotdog and Sausage Company). And they'll be giving away some goodies this Saturday, March 24!

In addition to sampling some wonderful pies, they will also be sampling a new offering from the company's catering menu (whole pies and slices will be available for purchase).

Pie Addicts Anonymous is primarily a Facebook group started by Appalachian Granny's chef and owner Angie Moore as a way of updating her clients on pie flavors and in-store promotions.

Monthly meetings began as a way to introduce new and seasonal flavors to the group as well as to offer discounts and incentives exclusively to those members (one of the pies currently in development is one made with roasted sweet potatoes, apples and chipotle peppers).

Please call Moore at 614-732-2803 for more information.