We get wacky stuff and share it with you

Welcome to Wacky Wednesday! It's time to unveil a new Daily Bulletin feature that we've decided belongs on Wednesday, that day of the week when we all need a little distraction from the daily grind.

The inspiration for Wacky Wednesday is simply this: On a regular basis, here at Columbus Parent HQ, we receive emails and snail mails and things sent in boxes, none of which we asked to receive. And their contents? They can only be described as wacky.

They're things or ideas that publicists and freelance writers send us, hoping that we'll do an article about them. But they're so wacky, we'd have to be wacky to encourage you to buy or partake of them. So instead, we share them with each other and enjoy a hearty chuckle…or scratch our heads in concerned silence.

But then we got the great idea to share them with you - not to encourage you to buy or partake of them, but to share the chuckling or the concerned head-scratching. Names and identifying details may (or may not) be changed (because we know how many publicists consider bad publicity to be good publicity). But we figure if someone was wacky enough to send it to us, they're fair game.

So with no further ado, here is your first Wacky Wednesday blog: It's a freelance writer's pitch for us to do an article about hosting a children's birthday party in…(wait for it)…a cemetery!

We excerpt here (including any misspellings) some of the pitch:

Moms all over central Ohio are always looking for different and inexpensve ways to host a child's birthday party. Some have chosen to hold such a party at [NAME DELETED TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT DEAD] Cemetery.
During such a party, children (and parents) have the opportunity to learn about the rich history of Columbus through programs designed for that party, as well as learning how to do grave rubbings….
[NAME DELETED] is also an arboretum with its many species of trees as well as a popular birding destination. Thousands of markers and monuments create an outdoor art and architecture exhibit.

We shudder to think what kind of goodie bag you'd get at a party like this.