The end of the school year signals the beginning of more family togetherness, which can lead to sibling arguments and conflicts. The American School Counselor Association offers summer parenting tips to help everyone in the house get along better.

The ASCA suggests implementing a "magic sentence" designed to help siblings communicate. The sentence includes phrases such as "I feel," "because," "I want you to" and "I am willing to." For example: "I feel angry because you called me a name and I want you to stop. I am willing to stop calling you names."

Teaching children to use and listen to the sentence helps them express themselves and learn to listen to others' feelings, according to the association.

Parents also should be consistent with discipline and make sure they dole out punishments that are appropriate for their children's mistakes. For more tips, check out the ASCA's story, "Positive Parenting Tips for Summer."

- Melissa Kossler Dutton