Reviews written by George Morrison, Library Assistant

Mokie & Bik
By Wendy Orr , Illustrations by Jonathan Bean
This series debut is about twins growing up on a boat docked by the sea. Dad is a sailor and Mom is a traveling artist, which means the twins find their own adventures. With only their nanny, Ruby, to keep them at bay, these two inquisitive kids create their own sea-inspired language and find humorous adventures around the docks. Ages 7-10.

Alistair & Kip's Great Adventure
By John Segal
Alistair the cat and Kip the dog try something new-they build a boat and go on an adventure into the bay and take a trip they will never forget. Ages 4-8.

Who ate all the Cookie Dough?
By Karen Beaumont
Kanga the kangaroo wants to know who ate all the cookie dough. Is it the lion, the zebra, the cheetah, or another animal friend? Who ate the cookie dough? Check it out and you will know! Ages 4-8.

Otto's Orange Day
By Frank Cammuso and Jay Lynch
This cartoon book is perfect for readers wanting something a little different. Because if everything was the same, it would be boring ... or would it? Otto the cat loves the color orange so much that he wishes that everything in the world was orange. Will he like an orange world or will he want something different? Ages 4-10.

Astronaut Handbook
By Meghan McCarthy
Welcome to astronaut school, space cadets! Learn about different kinds of astronauts, what they eat in space, and what it takes to become an astronaut. See if you have what it takes to see the world from outer space. Ages 5-10.

Iron Man: Teen Novelization
By Dan Jolly and Mark Fergus
If you saw the movie, then you'll love the book! Catch up with Ironman, the superhero of metal, as he saves the world against technology of his own creation. As always, the book is always better!
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