The Swap meet is in my living room

My soon-to-be-husband and I are in the midst of the tenuous process of combining our things. Because we have similar tastes in DVDs, CDs and books, there are several repeats in our combined collection. Now that I have a pile of extras to get rid of, what do I do with them? Normally I would take them to a used entertainment shop and see if I could make a trade, but I always feel a little used in that experience. How does 100 CDs only equal $20 in store trade?!?!!

That's when my co-worker told me about Swaptree is an online swap meet where you can trade books, CDs, DVDs and video games for free. You list all the things you have to give away and choose, from an extensive list, the things you would like to have and Swaptree will calculate who has what you want and wants what you have. Once the match is made, each party prints out a mailing label that the website generates and sends their item off to its new owner. You can trade CDs for a book, or a video game for a DVD, etc. It sounds like a great idea (and it is and I love it) but there are some flaws.

It's a time hole. I could spend hours looking for things I want and entering things I have to give away. It also takes awhile to find a match. While I wait for someone else in the world to want a Candace Bushnell book and have the Rush CD that I want I could have dumped the excess clutter at Goodwill and been done with my sorting.

The moral of the Swaptree story is if you have some time and extra space it's a great endeavor because you get a one-for-one deal. If you are low on time and space you can take your extra 100 CDs to the local trade store and get $20 for the lot and leave feeling ripped off, but at least the house is clutter free.

Written by Alexis Perrone, writer, vegetarian and all around green goddess.