What is is the cornerstone of Verizon Foundation's literacy, education and technology initiatives. The goal is to improve student achievement in traditional classroom settings and beyond by providing high-quality content and extensive professional development training.

Whether you are an educator, student, parent, or work in an afterschool program, the Verizon Foundation had you in mind when they designed this website. You'll find a wealth of free top-quality, exciting and engaging educational resources that support the skills we all need for success in the 21st century.

Educators will find...
engaging, standards-based lessons on every topic
information specific to grade levels and learning styles
new teaching strategies to use inside and outside the classroom

Students will find...
fascinating facts about everything from art to zoology
interactive games and tools
the materials you want right at your fingertips

Parents will find...
resources to strengthen problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking skills
homework help
interactive games and activities that make learning fun

Afterschool volunteers and managers will find...
free resources for all types of learners
effective program strategies and assessment tools
opportunities for professional development

In other words, if you're ready to make learning more exciting, and effective you've come to the right place.
Jump right in and look around. You'll be amazed at the choices open to you.