Experience remixed holiday carols and more with Rainn Wilson, Jon Heder and a surprise holiday cast.

You may think the only kind of mixing you can do on theGap.com is stripes with solids. Wrong, Ms. Cratchet!

This season you can listen to your favorite holiday tunes sung by a surprise cast of characters, and make your very own holiday mix tape to send to fam and friends.

To make your mix, follow these three easy steps:

1) Choose a singer and a dancer. For vocals, I chose Janelle Monae. I'm not really sure who she is, but I didn't like my other option which was Sandra Bernhard. Ew. I had a tough time choosing between Rainn Wilson and John Heder as my featured dancer, but I chose the latter because he just makes me laugh.
2) Choose first verse singers and backup dancers. FloRida was my top pic, along with 3 Kingz.
3) Choose second verse singers and backup dancers. Ditto here.

The results (http://www.gap.com/browse/info.do?cid=43164&tid=GOMMI999) are a bit goofy, but I sent it to my kids and now they think I'm so totally cool!