Are you worried that your teenager spends too much time texting their friends and playing games on their cell phone? Well, worry no more! Now texting has become educational through a website called TXTlearning.com.

TXTlearning.com is literally education at your teenager's fingertips. Teens can sign up for free basic service and have trivia questions (supplied by the National Education Association) sent to their cell phones on subjects such as math, English, science, Spanish, social studies and college prep.

Teens can choose which topic(s) they want and when to reply, so it's education on their terms. The site also has interactive games, quizzes and polls to keep learning fresh and fun. Standard texting charges apply so be sure to check your child's plan to ensure extra charges don't pile up.

So, the next time your child's thumbs are busy working their full qwerty keyboard, maybe they're not gossiping about Julie's new boyfriend or Sally's new do or the score of the big game. Maybe, just maybe, they are putting their brains to work and learning something new and fascinating outside of the classroom ... one can hope, right?