Should a student get suspended for going to prom?

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Do you spank your child?

Even though my son is grown now my husband and I were not spankers. A dead stare when he was acting up was all he needed. Or I would threaten to call Dad and that was enough to settle him down. Whenever you hit you are modeling to a child that is the way you deal with anger.

Spanking is occasionally appropriate when used correctly and not in times of anger. I have spanked my child a few times. Not only was it ineffective, but I also regretted that I resorted to it out of frustration. My goal is to discipline effectively without spanking. It is a challenge, but a worthwhile goal.

This week's question:

An Ohio teen has been suspended from his private Christian high school for attending his girlfriend's prom at a public high school. Heritage Christian School, a strict fundamentalist Baptist school, forbids dancing and had warned the 17-year-old that he would face suspension and be disinvited to graduation if he attended the high school dance.