Flip out for these flip-flops.

Finally it's flip-flop season! That means there is lots of warm weather fun to be had all over town, and you'll need to look fabulous. So how do you combine flip flops, style, and comfort? You run out and buy a pair of flip-flops from Flojos.

These shoes are so comfortable they feel like slippers (that you could wear outside and not look unfashionable.) They come in super-cool patterns like zebra, leopard, and giraffe and are also available in black, brown, and pink and brown. The zebra sandals (which I am currently wearing!) are like fashionable pillows and go with many summer outfits. They really punch up a solid tee and jeans outfit.

The "Lola" animal print sandals have a 2-inch wedge that adds class and comfort to any summer ensemble.

Flojos continues to update their sandals with more comfort features such as arch support, insuring that customers receive as much value and fashion as possible for their dollars,

To order your pair of Flojos visit www.flojos.com. We've also seen them at the Finish Line in Tuttle Mall. Check out their selection of sandals and breeze through summer fashion.