A kiss of moisture.

I have a new obsession in my life. It might be unhealthy, but I just can't stop.My obsession is called Nivea Lip Care: Hydrocare.It's the most luxurious lip balm I've ever used in my life. The Nivea Lip Care: Hydrocare is full of the moisturizing goodness of shea butter and jojoba oil leaving your lips, lush and moisturized for hours.You won't want to wait hours to reapply though.The slick non-greasy, feeling is like a mini spa session right at your desk.How often do you get to feel like your having a spa treatment during the day? I apply this at least 15 times a day just because it leaves my lips feeling so soft and supple.The only draw back is that it has a somewhat heavy feeling that may be a draw back for some, but I like the feeling.If your looking for some intense lip moisture pick up the Nivea Lip Care: Hydrocare at your local pharmacy.