Skin products with a side of cancer-causing toxins.

Recently I received an education on facial products and the nasty stuff that's in them. Holy toxins Batman, your average facial wash and moisturizer are full of known carcinogens and toxins. So grab your favorite facial wash and see if any of these chemicals or prefixes are in your product. If so, throw it away! Chemicals that are known carcinogens (cancer causing): Coal tar Formaldehyde Diazolidinyl urea DMDM Hydantoin Lead Acetate Selenium Sulfide Dibutyl Phthalate Also avoid chemicals that have any of these in the name: DEA TEA PEG-8 -eth -amine Also avoid: Parabeans Benzoic acid Salicylic Acid Benzyl Alcohol Phenoxyethanol Formic Acid So now that you have thrown out everything, what do you replace it with? Visit and check out their wide range of all organic, all natural products. Make sure you're taking care of yourself inside and out!