Politics: Not just for Jimmy anymore.

Tomorrow's leaders today. Trite but true. Bringing young women to politics is the responsibility of all of us right now. Who should lead the line at preschool: Jimmy or Jane? The answer is the one with natural leadership skills; and if they both have them then rely on Jane to work out the schedule. It's a girl thing. Sadly enough though, only 16 percent of Congress and 23 percent of state legislatures are female. The U.S. is far below most countries in terms of women's political representation. However, Polly Sigh never leaves you without resources check out www.runningstartonline.org/home. This fabulous website is all about grooming young women to run for political office. So what sort of skills are necessary for a "girl" who is interested in politics, either as a career or an avocation? Time management is a good place to start. Public speaking, networking, conflict management and negotiation are all important skill sets. Public finance and budgeting is important to understand. History majors, leadership graduates and those with multiple languages always will have a leg up on the competition. Young women can expect resistance from "the old boys club." But resistance is only that: a barrier, not a stop sign. There are reasons to move forward. Ensuring the quality of life for those in our country is a job for future leaders. Balancing budgets in municipalities and counties, creating jobs, developing infrastructure. It's not just for Jimmy anymore.