Popular PBS show Raggs will be holding online auditions from June 1-30.

What's the best children's show that you've never heard of?

It's called Raggs and it was created to educate and entertain 3- to 6-year-olds with an exhilarating combination of live and animated segments about five furry canines, exploring the world through original rock-and-roll music and movement.

Each half hour program is based on one main theme that promotes social and academic readiness, while also addressing specific preschool curriculum topics including emergent literacy, visual arts, science and discovery, mathematics, social studies and movement, music and dance.


Raggs ratings on PBS are comparable to other hit shows, such as Curious George and Sesame Street. Raggs' educational advisor, Shalom Fisch, Ph.D., is an internationally respected authority on children's television. The story line began life as a carpool story a mom told her animal-loving daughter to keep her occupied on the long drive to school. The show is diverse and inclusive. B. Max, one of Raggs' five main characters, is disabled and uses a wheelchair for mobility. Raggs is shown in 60 countries. The Raggs band will hit the road for live shows later this year and into 2010.
Raggs will be conducting a national, kid-friendly contest, looking for 100 expressive kids, ages 3 to 8, who represent the ideas, geographic regions and cultural backgrounds of children across the U.S. (auditions will take place online, no travel necessary). Winners will travel (expenses paid) to Charlotte, NC for inclusion in an upcoming RAGGS episode.

More details on Raggs and the contest can be found at www.raggs.com.