Girl games are for woosies.

Throughout video game history, there always has been a certain genre of games that have been absolutely wretched, and usually not worth the cartridge or disk they were put on.This genre is the girl game. Developers have tried to take advantage of an open market in an attempt to make a noteworthy girl game, but as far as my knowledge goes, it has never happened. Here's the idea: Take a classic game style (side scroller, platformer, simulation), throw in some fairies or animals (or both), then take out everything fun about the game, package it and sell it. Believe me when I say I'm not biased against it as a man, I have had friends' kids play through some of the selections I have and the interest lasts about 10 minutes.Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are some girls out there who are dying to purchase Fashion Designer DS or whatever, but the marketable audience is small. There are two problems with the whole idea of marketing to girls. First, girls don't play video games as much as boys do, simply put. Boys will sit around in groups with their DSs playing the latest multiplayer cart, whereas the girls are doing jump rope or playing Barbie dolls, or a million other things other than video games. Secondly, in today's world, girls who play games usually play them hardcore and play the same titles the boys do (and generally they play them better, check out to see what I mean). Girl gamers usually don't want pixies shooting gumdrops at vegetables and honestly, who does? So I don't seem like a total jerk, let me say that your girls may like the games I'm criticizing, and if they do that's great, but what I'm trying to get at is that the developers need to realize that throwing a unicorn in a game doesn't mean that little girls are going to go gaga over it. Here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to briefly talk about two games that I have been given to review and I'll try to touch on the good points as to not sway anyone away from the titles, but please read on to the end of the article for a challenge to you, the reader. My Horse and Me: Go for the Gold(Wii, DS)Rated E for Everyone Okay, so here's the gist: You live on a horse farm and you have decided that you want to dive into equestrian life and go for the gusto. You achieve this by saddling up and playing minigames to make your horse jump hurdles, race, etc. The gameplay is rough and hard to get used to, but the detail of the horses is incredibly lifelike. The game is the only title to be licensed by the FEI (The Equestrian International Association), and all of the tracks and events are at official tracks used by the FEI. When you're not racing you move to an almost virtual pet setup where you can feed, train and wash your horse to ensure maximum happiness. If your girls are interested in the equestrian arts at all, I suggest maybe giving this a look, at least for research. Also check out My Horse and Me 2 coming out for the 360, PS2, Wii, DS and PC later this year. Winx Club: Mission Enchantrix(DS)Rated E for Everyone Winx is a plethora of genres put all together in one package. The main part of the game is 10 chapters of sidescrolling action where you move your Winx girls around the screen shooting bad guys with magic. Completing a part of the map progresses the story line and continues you on through the levels. It's also a dress up game. Throughout your missions, you collect clothes, shoes, etc. to dress up your Winx characters. Changing their clothes has no effect on game play but you've got to look good to fight bad guys, right? Also, you can hook up wirelessly with a friend and have a fashion runway show with your custom created outfits. The game boasts well over 100 unlockables, a full music soundtrack from the hit TV show, and six mini games which can be played at any time during gameplay. The gameplay is very rough and the graphics are choppy, but any fan of the TV show will want to check this game out. Like I said, I tried to be gentle. So here it is mothers and fathers of girl gamers! As you can see in the new Momstyle format, there's a comment bar where you can add in your two cents about my article. Here's the challenge to you: it's a two-parter! Let me know what your girls look for in a game and what they like about the games they play. Let's let the developers know how to better accommodate your girl gamer. Tell me what games your girls are playing at the moment so in the future I can gear reviews more towards their tastes. Til next time, game on!