Stuff to save time

A load a day keeps hours of folding away Do one load of laundry every day. You will be shocked how much weekend time you'll save when you aren't spending hours folding clothes. Nightly prep Set out outfits and prepare lunches for the next day the night before. Put them by the door and you'll be good to go in the a.m. Seeing double Whenever possible, double a recipe and freeze the other half for a quick meal another day. Going shopping Make your grocery list as the week goes on. Keep a pen and paper handy and write down items that are running low and keep an extra for each non-perishable item on hand. That way you will never run out. Never lose your keys again Always losing your keys? Make or buy a key holder. The minute you walk through the door, hang up your keys. Having a home for your keys will save you time and frustration when you're in a hurry.